Kids Coach


Anxiety, insecurity, low self esteem, reading difficulties such as dyslexia, hyperactive (pressure) behavior, poor concentration, disorders in the autistic spectrum, ADHD, ADD, bullying or being bullied, giftedness, hypersensitivity, problems in social interaction with peers, shy and / or withdrawal symptons, anger and rage, frustration, sad or unhappy feeling!

Raising children is not a easy task and every parent sometimes wonders if he's on the right trak or if he/she could do better. A training for parenthood does not exist and each child has their own needs and desires.

As kids coach Tatjana assists and guides children (and there parents) with or without a specific problem in their social-emotional development. A request for assistance can focus on learning, behavior or education. Studio Koekoek helps children to look for their own strengths and qualities and aims to find solutions from within those strengths. The solution(s) is or are usually discovered in a creative and playful way.



During a interview with the parents Tatjana aims to get a clear problem definition. When problem or the definition of the problem and its context are not fully understood it may be possible there willl be further examination with other people involved such as teachers or other siblings. This may depend on various aspects, such as the age and the character of the child and the nature of the problem. Before the interview with the child takes place, the context in which the request for help was made, should be one hundred procent clear.

When the context is understood, there are personal meetings with the child. In these interviews, the child is given the space to express solutions that suit the child. The child and I will try to discover the qualities of the child and how he/she can use these qualities. The childs problem solving abilities are emphasized and enhanced to empower it in finding solutions for his or herself. At the end of the journey we will do two individual evaluation meeting with the parents and the child and determine whether any follow-up is desirable.



Many parents have questions or are unsure about the best options around education in different phases of the development of the child, particularly in the transition periods, such as from preschool to kindergarten or from teenager to teenager. That is of all times. It is part of raising a child, especially of the first one. The top twenty most common questions is the same for almost all parents. Some of the most common areas are:

  • addressing general education and parenting issues
  • dealing with difficult, difficult or unruly behavior (eating, sleeping)
  • dealing with emotional problems (self-confidence, insecurity or fear)
  • setting limits, correcting and punishig bad behaviro
  • the school performance of the child
  • health and teething
  • the overall development of the child.

Studio Koekoek offers help for parents with a requests for help in all shapes and sizes and offers parents practical and emotional support. Together whit the perents Tatjana looks at what remedy suits the problem and what is needed to deal with the issue. Studio Koekoek provides professional help for parenting issues.



Parent Advisory £80 per hour

Package of ten hours  £700

Children Coaching £65

If you are worried about your child and / or an educational question Studio Koekoek can probably help you. Please contact us if you are curious.