Growing up as a Dutch child outside of The Netherlands means you are not as familiar with the Dutch culture and habits as Dutch children living in The Netherlands. Studio Koekoek thinks it is fun and important that Dutch children living in London experience the Dutch culture. To help children experience their native culture and speak the language Studio Koekoek offers Dutch playgroups called "THAT'S DUTCH!".

You will find some of the cool things Studio Koekoek has to offer for kids below. If you are interested in what Studio Koekoek can do for you as a parent, please click here.



Getting to know new kids from your own age group and learning simultaneously in a relaxed environment about you roots. That is what Studio Koekoek is offering under the “That’s Dutch” playgroups.

These playgroups have a unique advantage over other playgroups. Why? Well, because these play groups are managed by Tatjana, a behavior specialist (kids coach) with a lot of experience in organizing cool activities for children. The limited size of the group and the customisation of the content on the age of the kids greatly enhance the quality and create a fun environment for kids to learn in. Conversations will be in Dutch and we will adhere to a pre-designed program aimed at familiarising the kids with Dutch culture, language, traditions and everything else that’s typical Dutch.

Three times a year, in series of ten, we organize the “That’s Dutch” playgroups.

Period 1: September untill December

Period 2: January untill March

Period 3: April until the summer holiday

We will work with a pre-designed program aimed at the seasonality. In case of large happenings in The Netherlands, and under the condition that it is childproof and fun to include, we will adjust the program to include news. Studio Koekoek is always open to suggestions from the parents on contents of the playgroups. We aim to deal with three different subjects per episode.



During holidays, bank holidays, Sinterklaas or Koningsdag Studio Koekoek organises special “get togethers”

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Tatjana Hoofs